Understanding a Public Library’s Customers When Marketing to the Facility

Community and public school libraries typically work within serious financial constraints, which can make it difficult for a company to successfully market their products to these facilities. An organization that focuses on school marketing and has expertise in this area can be valuable for boosting sales and a positive impression. It’s important to grab the attention of a librarian quickly when introducing a product and to understand that these professionals are approached regularly with new items. Not only the product itself but the marketing strategy must stand out above the competition.

Understanding the community and the library’s patrons, which may be thought of as customers, is advantageous for making sales. That’s one area where education market research is beneficial. An organization such as MarketingWorks, Inc. handles this project so the company can fully concentrate on producing materials that appeal to librarians and their customers.


People who don’t patronize libraries typically have no idea how much these services are used and what a broad base of visitors they have. They may view the facility as a place that caters only to individuals who want to check out books and read magazines they don’t want to buy. Those are valuable services, of course, but the library in the 21st Century provides a much wider range of possible activities. Patrons can check out DVDs, for instance, and watch movies and entire seasons of TV series. That’s a fun option, but some library services are essential for the community members.

For example, some children from the elementary school may not have Internet access at home. Nevertheless, they may be required to use the World Wide Web for research projects. The community library is a primary location where they can spend an hour or two on the computer without interruption. There also are adult residents of the community who don’t want to spend the money on a computer or on home Internet access, or who simply cannot afford it. They appreciate being able to check their email and look at websites at the library whenever it’s convenient for them during regular library hours. A company that wants to market materials to this library benefits from knowing this type of information.

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